Research Interests

We are a “Wet-and-Dry” lab and working on Bioinformatics and RNA biology. We are part of the College of Life Sciences, Key Laboratory State Key Laboratory of Virology, and Institute of Advanced Studies. The focus of our research is to develop experimental techniques and informatics tools to dissect the mechanisms of RNA biogenesis and the mis-regulations in cancers and viral diseases. Current research projects in the lab include:

  1. Development of computational tools for high-throughput sequencing data analysis and omic databases;
  2. Functional elements and molecular mechanisms for RNA nuclear detention;
  3. Regulation of RNA structures and RNA-RNA interactions;
  4. MicroRNA biogenesis and subcellular structure;
  5. Mechanisms for transcriptional termination and its mis-regulation in disease.

Meanwhile, we have developed multiple collaborations for solving biological questions from bioinformatics perspective.

We are funded by several grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China including the National Natural Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars.

本实验室主要利用高通量测序技术和生物信息学等手段, 研究RNA相关的基因表达调控及参与疾病发生的分子机制。 热忱欢迎对生物信息学及高通量测序技术有兴趣的学生加入。 每年拟接收1-2名本科生,2名硕士生,1-2名博士生和1名博士后。